Admission Process​

  • Parents seeking admission to SSRVM VGN are requested to fill the application form and submit the completed form online. Kindly do not leave any field empty, as incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Students are required to take an entrance test which will be based on the syllabus of previous year and 1st term of current year.
  • An interaction with the admission panel before the final results.
Class 1 English & Mathematics Each Subject – 45 mins
Class 2 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 3 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 4 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 5 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 6 English, Mathematics & Hindi
Class 7 English, Mathematics, Science & Hindi
Class 8 English, Mathematics, Science & Hindi
For PP1, PP2 and PP3, there will be an interaction.

SSRVM VGN hosts secured internet-based portal – COOLG Diary that allows parents to easily keep track of their children’s progress in school. This service provides parents with up-to-date information to ensure that parents stay better informed about their children’s activities.

SSRVM VGN values parental involvement and this is an additional system SSRVM VGN uses to create a stronger relationship between parents and our school community.

Registration fee can be paid online. It is non-refundable.

Yes it is available online.

After submission of the application form, Parents have to await for the communication from SSRVM VGN regarding the selection of their ward for the Admission Entrance/Interaction .Only students who are shortlisted shall be communicated.

  1. A copy of the birth certificate
  2. A copy of the last 3 years report card
  3. 5 passport size photographs of the child
  4. One passport size photo of each parent

As of June 2020, the applicant has to be 2 years 8 months or above to be eligible for admission


  • PP1- 9:30 am -12:30pm
  • PP1 & PP2 – 8:30 – 12.30pm.
  • For students of Class 1 and above, the school begins at 8.00am and ends at 2.50 pm with a mid-morning snack break and afternoon lunch break.

Each class would have an average of 25-30 students.

The school is up to class 8 for the academic session 20-21

The school will facilitate provision of textbooks and notebooks

The curriculum is an integration of Montessori and Kindergarten methodology

They are conducted during school hours

The facilities provided are:

  • Yoga
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Music
  • Dance

All classes will be fitted with interactive panels for an interactive learning process

The student teacher ratio will approximately be 25:2

  • For Pre-primary, internal assessments are done
  • For Primary – Click Here ->Assessment pattern

School commences in June. Dussehra vacations in September/October. Winter vacations in December. Summer break in April/May. The details regarding holidays for the academic year will be mentioned in the school almanac


Yes, school facilitates transport through a specialized 3rd party service. The details will be shared at the appropriate time with the students.

Yes the school transport has GPRS system.


School will facilitate provision of uniforms and shoes.

Yes, the school conducts field trips for all the grades

Yes, the school has CCTV

Yes, the school has a parent communication system both through the almanac as well as online parent portal Cool G diary