School Curriculum

i.     Scholastic

Elementary Education is the basis for the child’s success. At SSRVM, being a CBSE Affiliated school, we believe that children must receive thorough grounding and development of character, which are essential parts of good education. Our curriculum is based on the research-based recommendations of the NCERT and is designed to make learning fun, activity-based and experiential. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process by involving them in various interesting and fun-based activities like class exhibitions, role-plays and demonstrations. They also get many opportunities to work on interesting projects and assignments as part of the academics.

  • Early Year Programme: Kindergarten is offered at the early childhood level. Children join Kindergarten at 2.8yrs years of age and continue for three years until they graduate to Grade 1. We follow intergrated method of montessorie and kindergarten.
  • Primary Year Programme: SSRVM VGN offers an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum for primary school. Our academically rigorous CBSE curriculum is integrated with experiential learning resource and presented imaginatively to engage the students physically, cognitively and emotionally. Great emphasis is given on developing strong academic base for the students along with opportunities to develop their creative and social skills through a wide variety of programmes.
  • Middle and High School years programme: Middle School students study a curriculum that is broad based with emphasis on the core subjects – Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Languages and follow NCERT books. Students are engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources. The focus continues to ensure that our students excel in academics and with overall holistic development. In addition to Art, Music, Drama and Physical Education, there are also many enrichment activities including outbound trips and exchanges with other schools.

ii.     Co-Scholastic

Study of Sanskrit, the language of our ancient scriptures and the basis of most Indian languages, deepens the appreciation of our rich cultural heritage. Keeping in view, the all-round development of our students, they are given a regular practice in martial arts, music, dance, art & craft, yoga and various literary activities by trained instructors. Various class-level competitions are conducted on a regular basis throughout the academic year. To be in touch with our rich and ancient heritage, important festivals like Navratri, Christmas etc are celebrated with great joy. The practice of Sudarshana Kriya, meditation and Gurupuja are the unique aspects of SSRVM. The children have an enriching experience while celebrating events like our National Festivals, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Sports Day and Annual Day.